Scenes Unseen
Robin view Robin alone

I’m Aka the robin who lives in Calton Hill, Edinburgh.
It’s great to see you!
Want to know more about my story?

Hey there!
Seems you want to explore the city of Edinburgh.
Do you want to talk about Calton Hill, where I live, or get to
know me better?

Calton Hill is located in central Edinburgh.
You can have really good views from the hill.
There are also some iconic buildings here, such as the
National Monument.
That’s the reason why many people come and visit everyday.
Moreover, it’s also the place where I was born and live!

I’m a robin bird, the UK’s favourite bird!

I was born in Edinburgh and have been living here for 2 years.

I fly around the city during the day, hunting or hanging out with


I like it a lot! Especially the smell.

Yep. I can see the smell, meaning I have a smell map of
the city in my mind, which helps me to navigate in the city.
I especially enjoy the smell of plants, and the ocean!
Oooh, I can also see the magnetic field!
So I guess how you see Edinburgh is quite different from
my view.


You can share my story :)

Scenes Unseen
Tree view Tree image

Hello from Princes Street Garden!
Nice to meet you!
It’s great to share my story. Wanna know more?

I’m a weeping ash.
You can see me at the centre point of the bottom lawn in
East Princes Street Gardens.
Guess how old am I?

I was planted during the Victorian era, meaning I’m around.
120 years old!

As seasons come and go, I’ve witnessed the change of the
times, as well as the city and people here.

In a nutshell, there have been changes of the buildings, streets,
and the dynamics of the city.
More importantly, the change of the garden - friends come and go.

Oh, I mean my fellow trees and plants in the garden.
Although you may think we are always standing here silently, we
do have a community and often talk to each other.
Just like humans, we have the underground ‘woodwide web’.
We chat, sometimes even argue via the web, leaving many
memories in our lifetimes.
From time to time, some new members join, yet sadly, sometimes
some old friends are moved away.
Although it’s great to see people walking around and children
playing in the garden, I hope I can have more plant friends here
so that I won’t feel lonely.

It’s very pleasant to chat with you, share my story to let more
people know!

No problem!
Have a nice day!

Scenes Unseen
Postbox image Postbox image

Hi there!
I’m a postbox located in Holyrood.
How are you today?

Guess you wanna know some of my stories?

Sorry to hear that…
Well, cheer up!
Perhaps I can tell you some of my stories?

Well, as an old inhabitant in Edinburgh, I’ve been living here
for over 10 years!
My life is pretty simple, though.
Everyday I stand on the street and watch the crowds.
The best moment for me is when people drop letters into me.
I’m always keen on imagining the stories behinds these letters.
I’m really happy to help with connections and communication
between people across time and place.
By the way, do you write letters to friends?

Well, I can feel the change that many people don’t send letters
via me anymore, which makes me a bit sad.
Although for many people I might be an ordinary, even
invisible urban facility, for some, I’m an important mediator.
Sometimes when I watch people rushed and stressed
passing by, I hope they can slow down sometime
and enjoy their alternative city life.
Perhaps start from dropping a letter into a postbox!

You’re welcome!
Feel free to share it with your friends!